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May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017302017Changes in Deped Memorandum No. 30, s. 2017 (36th Deped Principals training and development program cum national board conference) Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017692017Div Memorandum No. 69 Deped Requirements for the issuance of special patents for school sites with presidential proclamations in accordance with the department of environment and natural resources administrative order no. 2016-21 Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017702017Div Memorandum No. 70 Dissemination of CSC-Memorandum Circular No. 23, s. 2017 (Policy on Employment in the Government Service of Filipino Citizens with Dual Citizenships) Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017682017Div Memorandum No. 68 Seminar-Workshop on Republic Act no. 9184 and its 2016 devised IRR and updates on agency procurement compliance and performance indicators for regional and school division offices hope, BAC & BAC Secretariat Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017712017Div Memorandum No. 71 Amendment to Deped Memorandum No. 166, s. 2016 (Appointments and Assignments of Undersecretaries and Assistance Secretaries) Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017722017Div Memorandum No. 72 Creation of a Technical Working Group to Review and Revise Policies on Educational Field Trips Download
May 02, 2017Apr 25, 2017672017Div Memorandum No. 67 Grant of Fiscal Year 2015 Collective Negotiation Agreement Incentive for the Department of Education Non-Academic Rank and File Employees and Officials Download
May 02, 2017Apr 26, 2017732017Div Memorandum No. 73 Guidelines on the Implementation of the Senior High School Voucher Program Effective School Year 2017-2018 Download
Apr 26, 2017Apr 24, 2017662017Div Memorandum No. 66 2017 Training of New School Paper Advisers Download
Apr 24, 2017Apr 21, 2017652017Payment of Electricity Expenses to be incurred by Implementing Units (IUs) and NON-IMPLEMENTING UNITS (NON-IUs) Download
Apr 20, 2017Apr 20, 2017642017Div Memorandum No. 64 Corrigendum to Regional Memorandum No. 50, Dated April 3, 2017 Mass Training of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers for Academic Track Download
Apr 18, 2017Apr 11, 2017622017Div Memorandum No. 62 Mass Training of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers for the Academic Track Download
Apr 17, 2017Apr 10, 2017632017Memorandum No. 63 SDO-QC Official Delegation to the 2017 Palarong Pambansa Download
Apr 17, 2017Apr 10, 2017612017Div Memorandum No. 61 Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) Training Phase 1 Download
Apr 11, 2017Apr 11, 2017622017Div Memorandum No. 62 Mass training of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers for the Academic Track Download
Apr 06, 2017Mar 31, 2017582017Div Memorandum No. 58 2017 Cultural Center of the Philippines Summer Academy Download
Apr 06, 2017Feb 17, 2017592017Div Memorandum No. 59 Composition of the Division Selection Committee in the Recruitment-Hiring of Teacher I Applicants for Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School for 2017-2018 Download
Apr 04, 2017Apr 03, 2017572017Div Memorandum No. 57 Guidelines on the Release of Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Incentive Download
Apr 04, 2017Mar 30, 20170542017Div Memorandum No. 054 2017 National Observances and Commemorations, and Related Activities Download
Apr 04, 2017Mar 30, 2017552017Div Memorandum No. 55 Moratorium on DepEd Educational Field trips and other similar Activities Download
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